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Transport law

As from its establishment in 2001, our firm enjoys a splendid reputation in the fast-evolving world of transport law, logistics and international trade. The transport branch of the firm is managed by Mr. Pieter VIAENE, who specialised in transport law after his studies in Law and Maritime Science at the universities of Ghent and Antwerp.

The notion “transport law” is or course very broad and we therefore deal with cases in the most various fields, both in Belgium and abroad:

Damage claims (transport damage, traffic accidents)
Contracts (transport contracts, …)
Insurance law (disputes between insurers and insured)
Collections (unpaid invoices national and international)
Seizure law (blocked goods and vehicles both in Belgium and abroad)
Administrative law (transport permits, …)
Tax law (kilometre charge, …)
Labour law disputes (disputes with drivers of employees) and social law
Criminal law
Road transport law

Especially the latter field, road transport law, became rapidly more important because of the increased regulations and controls on overloading, load insurance, technical demands for vehicles, drive and rest times, driver’s licence, …

The firm differentiates itself because of its professional and pragmatic approach, whereby the interest of the client is primordial. This also implies a good understanding and in-depth dialogue, not only with the client himself, but also with insurance companies, brokers, authorities, public prosecutors, …

Because transport and trade are not limited by national boundaries, the firm itself operates internationally as well. We therefore frequently handle files in France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. We endeavour in this to deal as much as possible ourselves with the cases (we often plead in France), but if necessary, we can rely on various foreign correspondents.

Finally, the wide general knowledge and the expertise of our firm remain a huge asset, which is also highly appreciated by our clients in the transport sector.

For more information, please contact Mr. VIAENE via the e-mail address viaene@vvv-advocaten.be

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